The Joy of Routine


By Dr. Maggie Ney

I love the unstructured days of Summer – lazy mornings with my girls, no lunches to pack, no rushing to afternoon activities, and long warm nights. These days can be full of impromptu fun activities as well as chaos. But as Fall approaches, I actually look forward to the routine and predictability that inevitably settles in after kids go back to school.

We often hear how routine is so important for children. A child’s nervous system needs structure and predictability in order to thrive. It is not so different for adults. Routine provides a sense of familiarity and allows us to organize our lives in ways that make sense – at least to ourselves. When your day is (reasonably) scheduled before it begins, you are free to embrace the calmness, confidence, and certainty that comes from knowing where you need to be, what you need to be doing, and when. In other words, routine can fill your day with energy while counteracting the fatigue and stress we sometimes feel when we are overwhelmed by obligations or at a lost at not knowing what to do next.

So, think about your routines as Fall approaches. Take a moment to consider the days ahead and how each one might look from morning to night. Consider, waking up before anyone else in your house and use that time to take care of you. For instance, make yourself your morning tea, do 20-minutes of yoga and get yourself dressed and ready for the day. Having a morning routine focused on taking care of yourself can put you in a healthier, focused and more positive state of mind before the day’s commitments really get going.

Dr. Maggie Ney is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor and co-director of the Women’s Clinic at Akasha. Call 310-451-8880 or email to make an appointment!