Medical Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

At The Akasha Center, we don’t just see weight loss as a mere number on a scale or a short-lived fad. It’s about crafting a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle that empowers you to thrive. Our approach is like a symphony, blending cutting-edge scientific insights with ancient wisdom to address the very roots of weight imbalance.

Picture this: a journey that’s not just about shedding pounds, but about unlocking the secrets to true Integrative wellness. Our Weight Loss Program isn’t a crash course in deprivation; it’s a deep dive into understanding your body, mind, and soul and finding harmony within them. It’s about rewiring your relationship with food, movement, and self-care to create enduring transformation.

Imagine embarking on this transformative odyssey right in the heart of Santa Monica. That’s what awaits you at The Akasha Center—a sanctuary where modern science meets timeless healing, where you’ll discover the keys to unlocking your healthiest, happiest self. Say goodbye to quick fixes and hello to a lifetime of vibrant well-being.

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Get Guidance & Support on Your Weight Loss Journey

Whether your goal is shedding pounds, overcoming chronic health challenges, or simply enhancing your overall wellness, The Akasha Center is your steadfast ally every step of the way. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Santa Monica, The Akasha Center invites you to embark on a journey toward a life brimming with vitality and joy.

Here, we redefine weight loss not as a fleeting endeavor, but as an integral part of embracing enduring health and vitality. Our approach melds the latest advancements in medical science with timeless integrative and functional medicine practices, targeting the very roots of weight imbalance. Together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of your body and mind, paving the way for sustainable transformation.

Join us at Akasha and discover the power of true wellness—a journey where every step leads you closer to a life of balance, vibrancy, and radiant health.


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Personalized Nutritional Guidance

Collaborate with our nutritionists to develop a tailored eating plan that fuels your body, encourages fat loss, and boosts your energy. Our focus is on whole, organic foods that facilitate detoxification and restoration.

Integrated Health Coaching

Navigating change can be challenging, but you are not alone. Our health coaches offer support, accountability, and motivation to help you implement lasting lifestyle modifications, establish realistic goals, and navigate challenges.

Mind-Body Practices

Managing stress is crucial for successful weight loss. We incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to help lower stress levels, enhance mental clarity, and strengthen your connection with your body.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine: 

Utilize these time-honored techniques to aid digestion, stimulate metabolism, and regulate hormones, all of which support effective weight management and overall health.

Fitness Recommendations: 

Physical activity is essential for a healthy life. We provide customized fitness recommendations tailored to your level, preferences, and objectives, encouraging you to enjoy physical activity and enhance your health.

Ongoing Support and Education:

 Our program offers workshops, group sessions, and educational resources to expand your understanding of nutrition, health, and wellness, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions after the program ends.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
– Akasha Weight Loss Program


How does The Akasha Center’s Weight Loss Program differ from traditional weight loss programs?
Diverging from conventional weight loss programs that fixate solely on diet and exercise, our Weight Loss Program at The Akasha Center integrates physical health with emotional and mental well-being. Our approach is comprehensive, blending nutritional planning, stress reduction techniques, personalized fitness strategies, and complementary therapies such as acupuncture and mindfulness. Anchored in medical science, this multidimensional strategy is customized to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Will my plan be customized to fit my needs?
Absolutely. Each participant receives a personalized plan meticulously crafted to align with their unique health conditions, goals, and lifestyle preferences. This tailored approach guarantees that your journey is not only effective but also sustainable in the long run.

What’s the connection between stress and weight, and how does your program address it?
Stress often triggers hormonal imbalances and unhealthy eating patterns, affecting weight management. Our program integrates practices such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness to effectively tackle stress, enhancing decision-making abilities and fostering a more balanced lifestyle.

Is this program suitable for individuals with chronic health conditions?
Yes! Our program is carefully crafted to be inclusive and adaptable for individuals managing chronic health conditions. Our dedicated team conducts a thorough evaluation of your health status to customize the program safely and effectively according to your specific needs. Our goal is to assist you in managing your weight and enhance your overall health and well-being.

What type of support will I receive throughout the program?
You will receive ongoing support from our multidisciplinary team, including regular consultations to monitor your progress and address challenges. Our program also includes access to educational resources and group support sessions to enhance your journey.

How long does the program last, and what support is provided afterward?
The program duration varies depending on individual goals and requirements, typically spanning from several weeks to several months. Following completion, we provide ongoing support to help you sustain your progress and uphold a healthy lifestyle.

Will my insurance cover the program?
Insurance coverage varies, so we recommend checking with your provider to see if our Weight Loss Program is covered. Our staff can assist with the necessary documentation for insurance inquiries.

How do I kick-start my weight loss journey at The Akasha Center?
Simply reach out to The Akasha Center to schedule your initial consultation. During this session, we’ll delve into your health history and aspirations, ensuring that our Weight Loss Program aligns perfectly with your needs and goals.