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Thank you for viewing our videos. Below you will find information on the Akasha Center and the services we provide, as well as specific health videos by Dr. Edison de MelloDr. Maggie NeyDr. Bren BostonDr. David Laramie,  Dr. Yi Qiao, Kevin Kunkel and Dr. Swati Desai

Akasha Telehealth Services

Akasha Telehealth Services brings Akasha to YOU! Learn how we can provide our medical services at your Home, Work or Wherever you ARE! Click here to learn more!

Welcome to the Akasha Center 

Combining the best of Western Medicine with the Ancient Wisdom of Eastern Traditions. Taking a whole body approach, we offer Integrative Medicine Treatments and Services that treat not just the symptom but the cause of the symptom.

Our Integrative Pain Management Program

There are many factors that can contribute to your pain, Integrative Pain Management combines medical treatments with physical therapy, acupuncture and massage to treat not just the symptom, but instead provide lasting change. Watch the video and then learn more about our Integrative Pain Management Program!

Are you Suffering from Digestive Issues?

If you are experiencing Digestive Issues you may be suffering from SIBO. Check out our video and then learn more about how we can treat your Gut Health conditions!

Why Integrative Physical Therapy Can Be The Solution for Your Pain!

Danél Lombard MPT, MA, E-RYT, is our Integrative Physical Therapist. Watch the video and then learn more about Integrative Physical Therapy Here!

What is the Vaginal Microbiome?

Bren Boston, MD discusses the vaginal microbiome, an important part of female health. Watch the video and then read her article here.

Do You Know These Healthy Pregnancy Tips?

Maggie Ney, ND discusses practices for a healthy pregnancy. Watch the video and then read her article here.

How Meditation Can Improve Your Health?

Kevin Kunkel, MA. LMFT teaches Meditation Classes at the Akasha Center. Learn how Meditation can help improve your health here.

IV Therapy at the Akasha Center

Delivering nutrients directly into the body, IV Therapy can help treat numerous health conditions, Learn more by visiting our IV Therapy page.

3 Part Anchor Breath

Check out Kevin Kunkel’s video on the 3 Part Anchor Breath, used to gain focus and de-stress.

Immune Support

Learn more about our Immune Support Supplement!

Tapping’ to Reduce Illness Related Stress

Check out Kevin Kunkel’s video on EFT tapping!

 5 Tips For Better Sleep

Check out Dr. David Laramie’s video and then read his article on a system for remembering, here!

End Chronic Pelvic Pain!

Check out Dr. Bren Boston’s video and then read her article on pelvic floor dysfunction here!

Lose Weight, Without the Diet!

Check out Dr. Maggie Ney’s video and then read her article on intermittent fasting here

Bio-Identical Hormones Can Help Optimize Aging

Check Out Dr. Maggie Ney’s Video and then check our Bio-Identical page here!

An Integrative Approach to Pain Management

Check out Dr. Bren Boston’s video and then read her article here

The Benefit of Meditation

Check out Kevin Kunkel’s video on Meditation, then learn more about upcoming classes here.

How Acupuncture Can Help You Feel Better!

Check out Yi Qiao’s video and then read her article here!

Raise Your Libido!

Check out Dr. Ney’s Video on how to Raise your Libido and then read her article  here

Can Gut Massage Improve Your Health?

Check out Kevin’s video on Gut Health and then read his article here

Break Unwanted Habits with Mindfulness!

Check out Swati Desai’s video on how to Break Unwanted Habit’s with Mindfulness and then read her article here!