What does the word Akasha mean?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that describes the fifth element (invisible to ordinary sight) which is seen as binding together in union or pact with the other four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. It is seen as the basis and essence of all things – the space where all things past, present and future are contained

We chose Akasha as the name of our clinic because we believe that there is more to our patients than the eyes can see. Our focus is to treat dis-EASEs beyond the limits of conventional medicine, which focuses primarily on the physical components of disease, and instead investigate them both as physiological manifestations as well as opportunities to change the way we care for ourselves — a personal journey so to speak.

How do we define Integrative Medicine at Akasha?

Integrative Medicine is a health-based system of medicine that incorporates all aspects of the individual (mind, body, and spirit), and focuses on lifestyle modification and disease prevention. It recognizes that health is more than just the absence of disease but more importantly it is the state of individualized optimal well being. Medical and healing practices from many systems are incorporated, including from Eastern cultures (TCM, acupuncture, meditation) and from Western cultures (homeopathic, massage, psychological), natural medicines, nutrition, exercise and of course allopathic conventional medicine. Integrative Medicine at Akasha utilizes an evidence-based approach, focusing on treatments that have sound scientific research and are safe and effective. In addition, Akasha’s approach to Integrative Medicine recognizes that all people, regardless of their underlying medical issues, have a state of maximal well-being and potential, and we attempt to move the individual closer to that state of optimal physical and mental health.