Home Health Services

Home Health Services

In an era where healthcare has become increasingly impersonal, in-home services, once a common practice, are making a triumphant return, redefining the way you experience medical treatment. Passionately committed to helping you have the health of your dreams; The Akasha Center is at the forefront of this movement and is committed to taking you back to the roots of Personalized Medicine. Our approach of meeting our patients first before we meet your diseases, together with our commitment to putting CARE back into medical care, has been recognized by patients both nationally and internationally

At Akasha Center, We Believe in Flexibility

Drawing from a step-by-step science-based approach to integrating Eastern and Western medicine, when you contact us for home health services, our dedicated team, led by our Chief Medical Officer,  Edison de Mello, MD, PhD, will promptly arrange a visit to your home. With the utmost care, passion for healing, and attention, we diagnose and treat your health concerns right in the comfort of your own space. Diagnostic tests, physical exams, and some procedures can be provided on the spot. If additional services are needed, we can arrange specialist care or hospital intake, saving you the time and hassle of making additional appointments yourself.


For our valued members, home health services can be included in our concierge packages, with additional discounts on home visits. We also extends these services to non-members based on service pricing. To learn more about our offerings or to request a house call, please click the button below or call us at (310) 451.8880. Your well-being is our priority at Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine.