Patient Services

Patient Services

 The Center’s approach to health-care is unique, integrative and effective. Drawing from both the ancient wisdom of the East and the technological advances of the West, these practices are combined to provide you with science-proven modalities to wellness, giving you, in essence, the best of two worlds. Our Santa Monica office is easily accessible to Venice, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Hancock Park , Culver City and Century City.

The Akasha Process

1) In-depth intake form
Our intake form goes into detail about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This information helps us understand and serve you better.

2) First consultation
In a comprehensive 60 to 120 minute session, your Akasha doctor asks questions, listens and learns about you, your life, your symptoms and your wellness goals.

3) Laboratory tests
Besides conventional diagnostics, sophisticated neurotransmitter, hormone, thyroid, blood sugar,
vitamin levels, cardiac risk assessment, food sensitivity and other tests are part of our tool kit.

4) Evaluation
Your history, first consultation and laboratory tests are carefully considered in the development of your integrated treatment and wellness plan.

5) Your individualized plan
We sit down with you and go over your personal wellness plan, which is the roadmap for the work we will do together. You’re involved in every decision.

6) Information and learning
Rather than just following doctor’s orders, you participate fully and consciously in your path to wellness. It’s an exciting learning process.

7) Your feedback, our support
We check in with you as to how you’re doing, listen to your feedback and make suggestions or changes. You’ll feel heard, respected and supported.

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