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The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine, Inc. along with the de Mello Institute, founded in 1996, is a collective group of professionals from diverse backgrounds who share a vision of change. Our center goes beyond the realm of typical medical practices by fully integrating western medicine with proven complementary approaches to health and wellness. The Center’s physicians are board certified and have admitting privileges at Santa Monica-UCLA and Saint John’s Medical Center.

Our Integrative Practitioners are licensed, well recognized experts in their respective fields of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Physical Therapy and Bodywork. Together in a calm and friendly setting they provide you with a combination of services that synergistically help you along your path to wellness.

A patient-centered approach that uses innovative diagnostic tests to address and treat the root cause of DIS-ease while considering lifestyle, environment, & emotional well-being.

Incorporates modalities, such as PRP, Prolotherapy, Acupuncture, Physical therapy, Yoga, Acoustic wave treatment, and others to improve function and quality of life.

Whether your goal is shedding pounds, overcoming chronic health challenges, or simply enhancing your wellness, The Akasha Center is your steadfast ally every step of the way.

The science of investigating and treating the root cause of aging & achiving your maximum health.

Patients reconnect with their bodies to find joy, strength, confidence, compassion, and purpose to optimize physical rehabilitation and decrease pain.

Focuses on utilizing peptides known for there powerful healing and regenerative properties.

 Brings you back to normal hormone levels so that you can feel your best

Vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants & into the bloodstream

Gaining popularity for a variety of conditions, from sports injuries to hair loss and skin rejuvenation. 

Prevention, treatment and promotion through the use of natural therapies

Prevention, treatment and promotion through the use of natural therapies

Relief of chronic or acute tightness in the tissues throughout the entire body


Our approach includes blending cutting-edge scientific insights with ancient wisdom to address the roots of weight imbalance.

Akasha Concierge Program was designed for both US residents and International patients seeking a different and better way to feel better.

Home Health Services

For our valued members, home health services can be included in our concierge packages, with additional discounts on home visits. 

energy more

Energy & Vitality Restoration

A comprehensive suite of services designed to support and empower women through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

menstrual program

SIBO Program

We will personalize an integrative SIBO treatment plan for you that often includes special antibiotics, dietary recommendation, supplements and more. 

Fertility program

Fertility Program

Understanding that fertility challenges can be a complex and sensitive matter, our program is designed to offer compassionate, comprehensive, and evidence-based care.

Fertility health services

A comprehensive suite of services designed to support and empower women through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

menstrual treatment

Tailored to diagnose and manage irregular menstruation, our focus is on restoring hormonal equilibrium and optimizing reproductive health.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I returned to my daily life activities in only 10 days of treatment! I was experiencing debilitating pain, unable to sit or bend the hip due to a herniated lumbar disc and spasmed muscles."
Sylvie Rokab
Film Director & International Speaker
" I don’t have the thick, full head of hair I used to and judging by my family history, I decided to try PRP for hair-loss prevention. The platelets made my hair look nice and shiny. A month later, I noticed patches of baby hairs had sprouted all over the top of my head."
Tom J Williams
Health Coach
"“I tried PRP fr crow's feet. I liked the idea of injecting my own natural product rather than a filler or toxin. Not only had the lines softened around my eyes, I felt like my skin was really glowy."
Visual & Performing Artist

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