Prescriptions & Prescription Refills

Prescriptions & Prescription Refills

Prescriptions (Rx)
will be expedited within 48 hours. Patients who have not visited Akasha in 6 months or more will incur a $55 fee.

Patients must schedule a follow-up appointment with their physician for any further refills.

Why do we charge a fee for prescription refills?

At the Akasha Center, we take pride in partnering with you to meet all your healthcare needs. We ensure that our physicians diligently monitor your medical needs, including prescriptions. Each refill request involves your physician reviewing your chart to confirm medication appropriateness and compatibility with other medications. This process consumes both physician and administrative staff time.

To avoid these charges, please discuss your prescription refill needs with your physician  BEFORE concluding your appointment.

What steps should I follow to have my refills processed for pickup, faxing, or mailing?

Patients: Contact your local pharmacy and request them to fax a prescription refill request form to our fax number: (310) 451-8803. 

Pharmacies: Fax patient requests to: (310) 451-8803. Include the patient’s name, phone number, date of birth, attending physician, pharmacy number, medication dosage, count, special instructions, and last refill date (if applicable).

Note: Please do not directly request prescriptions from your physician. Medical staff must first retrieve your chart for review.

Monitor your prescription medication supply and contact your pharmacy at least one week in advance to avoid running out before your request is processed.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your refill to be completed.