Prescriptions & Prescription Refills

Prescriptions & Prescription Refills

Prescriptions (Rx) Expedited within 48 hours and patients who have not been to Akasha for 6 +months will be charged $45- $55.

Patients will be required to see their physician for a follow-up appointment for any further refills.

Why do we charge a fee for prescription refills?
The Akasha Center takes pride in being partners with you in all of your health care needs and strives to make sure that your medical needs, including your prescriptions, are closely monitored by our physicians at all times. As such, a call for a prescription refill requires that your physician reviews your chart to make sure that both the medication and the dosage are still appropriate and that they do not interfere with other medications you may now be taking. This requires both physician as well as administrative staff time.

In order to avoid these charges please make sure that you discuss your prescription refill needs with your physician BEFORE you leave your appointment.

What steps do I take to have my refills called in, faxed or mailed?

  1. Patients: Please contact your local pharmacy and ask them to fax us a prescription refill request form to our fax number: (310) 451-8803. Please do not call your physician or medical staff except in the event of an emergency.
  2. Pharmacies: Fax patient’s requests to: (310) 451-8803. Please include patient’s name, phone number, date of birth, attending physician, pharmacy number, medication dosage, count, special instructions, date of last refill (if applicable).

Note: To avoid delaying your request, please do not request prescriptions directly from your physician as your chart must first be pulled by the medical staff and then handed to the physician for review.

Please take note of how much of your prescription medication remains and contact your pharmacy at least one week in advance to avoid running out of your prescription before we are able to fill your request.

Please allow 2 -3 business days for your refill to be completed.