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Meditation Class


4 Class Series: Saturdays, Sept 22nd – Oct 13th, from 8:30-10 am.
$125 for the 4-class series.

Learn the gift of focus, calmness, awareness, and inner strength to reach your health, wellness, and life goals.

Beginning Saturday, Feb 24th, Akasha will offer a 4 class series on Meditation to decrease stress, boost your body’s own healing ability, and receive the wide range of mental and physical benefits associated with mindful meditation.  Specific emphasis is placed on using a variety of somatic  strategies to relax the body and mind.  You will receive individual support in making meditation workable for you.  With a more relaxed body and calm mind, an additional practice introduced will help shift internal attitudes blocking your path to greater health and wellness.  Research has shown these mind body techniques effective in treating a variety of symptoms: anxiety and worry, insomnia, pain, depression and irritability, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, aging, and many other complaints caused or exacerbated by stress.

Meditation and the engagement of this response is proven to:

  • Calm your brain
  • Improve sleep, tension, headaches, stomach complaints and numerous other stress related complaints
  • Manage anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Manage Pain
  • Improve emotional regulation
  • Changes in brain structure allowing for on-going mental and emotional benefits
  • Changes in your gene expression around stress response and immune system functioning

Individual sessions that help support you experiencing mindful relaxation of the body and mind will be available.  On-going follow-up support after the four weeks will also be available.

Below You will Find a Link to Audio Guiding you Through A Meditation to Engage the Relaxation Response,

Relaxation Response Meditation Voice Recording

The above meditation is for the specific purpose of engaging the Relaxation Response – a term coined by scientific researcher and Harvard Professor Dr. Herbert Benson to define a specific physiological response that lowers the breathing, heart, and metabolic rate and calms the mind. The Relaxation Response counteracts the Stress Response in your body, reversing its damaging effects on your physical and mental health.

It is a simple practice of concentration, of focusing the mind so that it changes the normal train of thought and energy in our system.  We will first focus on our body in order to bring our focus gently inward.  We will then deepen the process by focusing on the breath as we count backward from 10 at your own pace.  Lastly, we will mentally state a word or phrase as we focus on the breath in order to help our attention stay concentrated and help break our normal train of thought/energy within.

One general guideline to note:  to use an ‘Oh well’ attitude throughout the meditation.  Anytime you start thinking, which you undoubtedly will, to simply respond with attitude and saying, “Oh well”, as you return your focus.

I encourage you to practice this meditation for the next 11 or 21 days and see what shifts take place in your body and mind.   Please feel free to email me any comments or questions.

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