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How Can Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Help You?

As we age, hormone levels change, sometimes resulting in diminished levels

that need to be optimized for you to feel your best.

Hormones are chemicals secreted by glands in your body that are needed for many of the body’s processes such as sexual function, brain function, digestion and growth.

 Bio-Identical hormones are hormones found in nature that are identical to those in your body. 

Bio-Identical hormones can replace diminished hormone levels through a treatment called Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, bringing balance back to your hormone levels and your life.

Night Sweats

Sexual Dysfunction

Problems Sleeping

Loss of Energy

Loss of Muscle Mass

Weight Gain

Foggy thinking or “Brain Fog

Mood Changes

Memory Loss




Symptoms of Menopause


How do we administer Bio-Identical Hormones?

After diagnosing your symptoms, our doctors will determine the best treatment options for you. Bio-Identical hormones are administered in a variety of formats such as pills, creams, gels and shots, once administered our doctor’s will closely monitor your hormone levels to make sure you are achieving your therapeutic goals with the correct hormone dosage. This is often times adjusted to get the optimal balance necessary for your body.

What are the risks associated with Bio-Identical Hormones?

Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy which utilized synthetic hormones and conjugated equine estrogen have resulted in  heart attacks, breast cancer, stroke and blood clots. In response the new treatment of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy was born.

Bio Identical Hormones are derived from natural sources and are biologically identical to a person’s hormones. They are therefore considered to be safer and have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones. Additionally there are Bio-Identical Hormones approved by the FDA which have passed strict standards. However this does not mean that Bio-Identical Hormones do not have potential side effects. Additionally compounded Bio-Identical Hormones which may be chosen by your doctor to better treat individual conditions are not approved by the FDA.

Side effects may occur as the body adjusts to an increase in hormone levels and may decrease over time. Always contact your doctor to notify them of any changes or side effects you may be experiencing. Some common side effects include: acne, additional facial hair in women, blurred vision, weight gain, fatigue, tenderness of the breasts, indigestion and mood swing

At Akasha Center we are dedicated to providing the best in Integrative Health. Our practitioners have a combined experience of over 80 years and have helped countless patients feel better through taking the time to better understand each patient as an individual. Be sure to learn more about our doctor’s who provide Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatment, they are Dr. Maggie Ney and Dr. Sari Eitches for women, and Dr. Edison de Mello, founder of the Akasha Center, for men.

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