What Patients Say About Akasha


Rosalind Marinou, CEO

“I am thanking you deeply Dr. de Mello as I celebrate this month, the 1st year in 5 that I have not been hospitalized and the 1st year in 9 that I have not been subject to antibiotics! No one expected such a recovery after 7 abdominal surgeries. I’ll be 62 in less than two months.

Bless you Dr. Ney for telling me emphatically when things were ‘complicated,’ “we’ll get this.” And you have.”

Arturo Muyshondt_smallArturo Muyshondt, Actor/Producer

“I’ve had the great privilege of working closely with Dr. de Mello and his team at Akasha, while designing the best preventative integral health care protocol for me, and there is only one word to describe Akasha — it’s a true SANCTUARY. A place where you always feel safe and confident that everyone you come in contact with is coming from a place of compassion, integrity and a deep desire to be of service. Being a big believer in the mind-body-spirit connection, Akasha is a unique place where these 3 realms come together in a single healing approach. To me, Akasha is the future of Western Medicine, and it is my hope that Dr. de Mello can keep expanding his vision and mission to offer what true integrative medical care (and treatment) should be like.”

Jordan Mallah TestimonialJordan Malay

My experience at Dr. De Mello’s Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine was powerful and reassuring that there are knowledgeable doctors that are truly interested in taking the journey to radiant health with their patients.
Dr. De Mello’s patience, caring, and attention to detail were unlike anything I ever experienced in a doctors office, and I highly recommend seeing Dr. De Mello for his expertise in Western and Integrative medicine.

Maria G.

I have been one to avoid doctors unless something was acute. However, I was introduced to the amazing team of doctors at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine and my avoidance of doctors was altered.

From the moment I walked in the office calm, serenity and peace permeated the atmosphere. Then the team at the reception welcomed me with such joy, cheer and professionalism.

What I found most profound was that I wasn’t going to meet with one doctor for my situation. I was to meet with several people as they believe the body, mind and spirit are connected.

I most appreciated that they had meetings amongst themselves and shared the information with the team of doctors, so I never had to repeat myself and each knew exactly what had been discussed in the progress of my situation.

Above and beyond all of that, each doctor, including Dr. Edison de Mello – the most wonderful and caring human being, Dr. Maggie Ney – the sweetest and most thoughtful, Dr. Myles Spar, is incredibly generous and a kind spirit and Director Kristen Wells- who has a wealth of warmth and ability to fine tune and connect, all provided the most amazing and sound medical, health and well-being advice and care. I have since moved to another state, but I am close enough to still call them my doctors and the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine my home for well being. Next appointment- December!

Lisa Mills TestimonialLisa Mills

I am so thankful to have found the Akasha Center. I had put off for awhile going to the doctor out of fear. Dr. de Mello helps you feel comfortable and safe. The last time I was in I thanked him for all he was doing to help people. He really takes his time with you, addressing all questions and concerns. I also have seen Dr. Qiao, Dr. Ney and Dr. Desai. They all are caring, patient and helpful. The center is a beautiful space, calming and homey. There are welcoming, pleasant people at the desk, to make you feel at home, offering tea and a warm smile. I highly recommend the Akasha Center. It’s one of those places you want to take all of your friends and family with you to experience such wonderful attention and care. This is a safe space to step through the fears of addressing health concerns.

Nicola Salter TestimonialNicola Salter

Dr. Edison de Mello has tremendous insight into the future of healing and has successfully brought together a team of experts at the Akasha Center who provide unsurpassed knowledge and skill. They combine a totally holistic approach to wellness, really taking the time to understand the patient from their emotional as well as physical needs. A normal 7 minute regular Doctor’s visit doesn’t exist here. You get the full attention needed to help you on your road to wellness. Edison and the Akasha Team are the future of medicine, and thanks to Dr. de Mello’s drive, dedication and passion not only in our community but also to the other communities and cultures he serves, we are assured of having someone who really cares about his patients, his team and his own continued growth and experience.

Arik P.

Lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks on this diet – plus exercise – I have not been perfect – but pretty close! Thanks!

Lynn B.

Dr. Ney,

I just want to express my gratitude to have you as my doctor. Thank you so much for your support throughout the past three years in transitioning my body
back into balance. I feel so healthy, I have just added a yoga practice in the past 6 weeks and the benefits have been tremendous. Thank you for encouraging
me to be in this balance. I have recently been talking to other friends who are encountering health challenges related to hormone issues, and I hope some
of them take me up on my referral to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am more committed than ever to living healthily.

Eric Polmert TestimonialEric Pomert

Dear Dr. deMello, Dr. Gisler, and Dr. Ney,

This is just a note to let you know how much I’ve benefited from working with you all as a team.

The summer prior to my first visit to the Akasha Center, I had done a great deal of traveling in Europe, the Middle East, and Canada. As much as I enjoyed my travels, I was in a near-constant state of digestive upset, filling up on foods that I loved to eat but did not tolerate well. By the time my travels were over, my digestive tract felt like a mess, and I sensed that if I did not pay attention and change my course, I was heading into a period of serious illness. I was also going through the stress of leaving a long career in film and feeling my way into a new life direction. I wanted to learn how to take care of myself instead of continuing to be afraid of my body and its functions.

I was also concerned about taking a traditional medical approach that seemed likely to emphasize prescription drugs and doing battle with symptoms. Though there had been times where that was an appropriate strategy, this was about looking at ALL of my health, and I needed an approach that kept me in charge of my healthcare experience. It was at Akasha that I discovered this possibility through the integrative approach, and that has changed everything.

You told me about some simple supplements that could address my elevated cholesterol and the inflammation in my system. It worked. We discovered my allergies to wheat and yeast, which had been staples in my diet. As my digestion improved, I became aware of the emotional component behind my digestive and anxiety issues. We tracked and worked effectively on my sugar consumption and candida levels. I got through a strong upper respiratory infection using herbs and homeopathics you prescribed — that required a leap of faith on my part, and I was overjoyed to participate in my own healing without antibiotics, Nyquil, or other big-brand symptom suppressors.

I’ve always loved cooking and eating, so I needed a new diet that tasted great and supported me. A new career direction began to emerge. I made another leap, moved to Berkeley, and recently finished my certification as a Natural Chef at Bauman College. That means I know how to prepare delicious healthy food with an understanding of its therapeutic value. There’s a whole world of tasty vegetable, fruits, berries, and seeds I’d never heard of, much less cooked with. I’ve developed a curriculum in which I teach young children how to cook with wholesome, organic foods, gently opening their minds to a world beyond highly processed food and endless sugar, sugar, sugar. Small influences in children’s lives can have very big effects. My new business is called “Little Spoons Café,” (see link below) and my vision is to see it spread throughout the country, instilling confidence in children around the essential area of nourishment.

Thank you for being a vital part of my healing path.


Dear Dr. deMello,

I was just looking back with gratitude over the last couple of years, and I felt compelled to tell you how much working at the Akasha center under your guidance meant to me.

The Akasha Center was a big turning point for me in my career and personal development. I learned so much about professional conduct and patient care, and it instilled in me the confidence that I was lacking to really be with my patients and clients as an authority with some of the answers necessary to assist their healing journeys.

Your generosity and mentorship will never be forgotten by me, to say nothing of your hugely inspirational vision and fortitude. Thank you, Dr. de Mello.


Hala Khouri TestimonialHala Khouri, M.A., Co-founder, Off the Mat Into the World ™

The team of doctors and healers at the Akasha Center are dedicated to health and wellness in the most comprehensive and authentic way. Every practitioner is knowledgeable, personable and truly cares about their patients. I love that they will always use natural and alternative approaches first, but know when to use allopathic interventions when necessary. My family and I go to the Akasha center, and I know we are in the absolute best hands possible. I recommend Akasha center with complete confidence that you will be tended to mind, body and spirit.

Ashley G.

The Akasha Center has been my best find since moving to LA. I have struggled with my health for a while now and in two times of going to the center and meeting with Dr. de Mello I have found exactly what I am looking for. Their dedication to integrative medicine is hopeful and admirable. I can’t say enough nor express my endless gratitude! I am looking forward to being a patient for years to come!

Susan RosenthalSusan Rosenthal, Attorney

Akasha probiotic, Flora Plus, changed my gut health almost immediately, gently nourishing my intestinal flora and encouraging deeper synergistic flow throughout my entire body, mind, and spirit.

Terri Gedo

The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine provides a complete and comprehensive healthcare environment for your body and soul.  Dr. de Mello and his staff have addressed all my needs and the results have been remarkable.  If you’re looking for place that combines the best of traditional Western medicine and the nurturing practices of Integrative medicine I recommend you try Akasha.

Dawn Hodgetts April 2015Dawn Hodgetts

Dr. de Mello thank you sincerely for my diagnosis of my problem & what you suggested as the treatment. After four & half years of the ‘itch’ it has disappeared & my skin has gone back to normal, no ruts & odd colour. All the excessive sweating & prickly heat rashes needing strong ‘rub downs’ to alleviate the problem have disappeared. Many people are now remarking in recent weeks how well I look & how good my skin is (almost like a new born babe). It is like heaven on earth to be rid of all the itch I am looking & feeling healthy which is a small understatement as I am feeling really good.

Dr. de Mello you may not remember what you said to me when I saw you, but it was something like ‘One day you will thank me but I am Brazillian & perhaps then you can do the Samba with me.’ I am taking lessons so I can do the Samba with you’!!! I will forever be very grateful to you for intervening in the problem I had & to you Dr. de Mello for your correct diagnosis. It took a long time before the real problem was picked up here. It was a tough assignment to follow & sometimes I strayed but the end result was worth it. I feel I am a much more healthy eater!! ”

-Dawn Hodgetts (almost 86 years old)

LL portraitLiza Lou, Artist

I feel healed just walking in the door at Akasha Center. It is my go-to source for all of my health needs. Dr. de Mello is that rare doctor who listens deeply and works tirelessly to find the right plan for each of his patients. Thank you Dr. de Mello and Akasha Center for all that you do to support the health and well being of your patients!

FullSizeRenderAnna Shvygar

I found Akasha Center, when I was searching for a place that does Escharotic Therapy, after I was diagnosed with HPV and moderate Cervical dysplasia. Conventional doctors prescribed cone therapy in my case, which is a serious surgery with lots of potential risks and even more important it that dysplasia usually come back with time. Akasha Center was one of the few places in LA that practices Escharotic Therapy and I am so happy I went to this place. Dr. Maggie Ney created program for me that included treatment itself, diet plan, natural vitamins and herbs and exercise recommendations.  Dr. Ney is so nice and positive, and she was explaining to me everything for the whole treatment duration and giving tons of great advices for my health in general. Even though I am really into natural medicine I didn’t expect the results I got, not only my pap smear came up normal, but my HPV  went away, which is really almost a miracle. Of course, I was doing everything she told me and watching myself, but I feel like her support and positivity  was one of the most important factors to my recovery, and I felt like she really cares about me and results. I am so grateful for that! Akasha Center now is definitely first place for me to go for any health reasons and of course I highly recommend this place!


I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks from the Akasha RESET program. I am finding myself not as hungry anymore, and I don’t even crave snacks in the evenings like I used to. In the second and third weeks the weight really was melting off. My cardio feels so much better and I feel lighter on the mat, and it felt even that much sweeter to earn my blue belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu during this time. As a 16 year old, I didn’t realize eating healthy could taste and feel this good!

Anne Baxter

I’m grateful for all the wonderful help and support I’ve received from the Akasha Center!

Dr. de Mello is a caring and compassionate human being, as well as an amazing doctor.  His astute medical skills combined with his keen intuition result in quick & accurate diagnosis. To my great relief, he was successful in averting more than one of my health emergencies.  My consultations with him always led me to a place of greater peace and healing.

The building itself is a space of great beauty from the outer gardens, to the casual elegance of the reception area, offices & treatment rooms. The Akasha Center is a gentle & powerful healing center, and those who find their way to Akasha will find themselves extremely well cared for!


Regina Cunha 

I´m 63, I try to follow good nutritional habits, and I work out. However, I thought that something was missing in my health and wellness journey. So, I decided to try Akasha´s 21-Day Reset Program on January 11, 2021. I managed to cut red meat, dairy, gluten, and, to my surprise, it wasn´t that hard. Above all, I felt more energy and my digestion improved. But the great award to me was to have learned about and have adopted all the great available nutritional items I was exposed to during the Program. I just wish I could buy the Vita Meal and the other excellent Akasha supplements and probiotics here where I live. For my Reset Program back in January, a friend brought it for me from the U.S. I hope they are available in Brazil one day!


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