What Patients Say About Akasha

What Patients Say About Akasha

Learn why our patients trust Akasha for their health concerns
Lee Daniels, Director

“I’ve been going to the Akasha Center for four months and together we’ve been working to create a better, healthier lifestyle that works for my hectic schedule. By sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan, as well as natural remedies and herbal supplements, I’ve lost over 40 pounds. Through hard work and commitment to making this life change, I now have more energy and feel better than ever.”

Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author

“I have been using Akasha Natural products for over three years. They are amazing and they work! I feel great and everyone comments about my level of energy and aliveness… Akasha Naturals are an investment in the life I love living.”

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Dylan McDermott, Actor

“I have known Dr. Edison De Mello for many years now. He has proven himself to be an outstanding doctor. His knowledge of integrative medicine is second to none. I was loking for an M.D. who understood both western and eastern medicine and I found it in Dr. De Mello. And the thing I trust most about him is that he never gives up until he finds a true answer. In this day and age of charlatans,Doctor Edison De Mello’s integrity shines bright. I trust him with my life. “


Peter Horton, Writer/Director (”Grey’s Anatomy”)

I’m not fond of the antiseptic and anti-personal feeling that one generally gets when walking into a doctor’s office. I get the very opposite when I walk into the Akasha Center. I feel a genuine interest and concern for my well-being. With both the Akasha Center and Akasha Naturals, I’m happy I will never have to experience anything but strong and unwavering dedication to my care.


Julia Roberts, Actor

Akasha Naturals is my go-to for supplements. The Immune Support turns away any sickness I feel coming on. (InStyle, Sept. 2012)


Alice Braga, Actress

“Dr. D Mello is a special human being above all. compassionate, friendly and talented. As an actress its imperative that I lead a healthy life, even with the crazy schedule and all the traveling my work demands. After Dr. De Mello, I found the balance and health I needed. He had a loving approach to understanding my own body. The strength and readiness I feel is due to Dr. de Mello’s treatment. Thanks Dr. D Mello!”

Jason Mraz Photo

Jason Mraz, Singer/Songwriter

“I visit the Akasha Center and see Dr. de Mello for regular check-ups and preventative health. In addition to body wellness, The Akasha Center also cares for the health of my mind (my thoughts) and my spirit (my attitude about and in the life experience.) My work is in the public eye, therefore being supported by the Akasha Center gives me confidence whether I am performing onstage in front of large audiences, or one-on-one as I did last year in villages in Ghana.”


Allison Anders, Film and TV Director/Writer

“Where do I begin to express how much better my life is since I first stepped foot in Akasha 7 years ago? First of all, it’s true what everyone says — you walk in, and you are at peace. It is a beautiful serene atmosphere. When you become a patient at Akasha, you are part of the process of healing yourself — this is what I love. You’re nurtured yes, but you are not being saved by some god, you are a grown up doing your part by making choices and participating. Dr. De Mello and I have uncovered and discovered a lot about my basic health over the years. And when he shared my suspicion that a lump I’d discovered in my breast wasn’t right, he immediately sent me to get it checked further that very same day. We were lucky — we caught it very early! Had I not enjoyed such a close relationship with my Akasha team, this may have gone undetected. I am a lucky girl, and I continue to get great care from Akasha. And I entrust the people I cherish to Akasha too.”

Stacey Winick photo

Stacey Winick

“My earnest desire was to find a Dr. that I could talk to. A doctor that would take the time to really listen. After going through some serious health issues, I wanted someone to go over my complete medical history and work with me to build a healthier body. After hearing very positive comments from several trusted friends about Dr. Edision DeMello, I decided to make an appointment with him on my next visit out to Los Angeles. I have just completed my 2nd year follow up with Dr. DeMello and I couldn’t be more grateful. My body has responded to his dietary suggestions and I have learned about certain food allergies that were compromising my health. Today I am more aware about how my body functions and I have learned to really pay attention to what it’s telling me. Dr. DeMello proved to be extremely caring and thorough. I finally found someone to look at ALL the pieces of my puzzle and guide me to better health. I love that Dr. DeMello while being an excellent MD is very tuned in to alternative therapies as well. He is the best of both worlds and I consider myself very blessed to have found him. Thank you sooo much!”

Roy Sekoff

Roy Sekoff, Editor, The Huffington Post

“In a health care landscape marked by harried doctors, defensive medicine, insurance company vetted treatments, and mis-managed care, the Akasha Center is an oasis of compassion, insight, calm, and tailor-made healing. You feel better just walking in the door and even better on the way out.”


Dane Findley

“Compassionate, patient, intuitive — with a razor-sharp mind, Dr. de Mello is the physician I recommend to anyone living in the Los Angeles area.”


Michael Feinstein

“The Akasha Center and Dr. de Mello are a dream come true. Their combination of traditional medicine with a natural holistic approach for the whole body is what I havealways desired, and now I have finally found the perfect partners in health. They are wise, responsive, intuitive, practical and adaptable. My gratitude is deep. (Jan 2018)”

Jarra Agarwal photo

Jarra Agarwal

“Dr. de Mello helped my belly feel better when I was having stomach problems and he put me on a diet and now I feel much better than I was before! Then I started feeling better day after day and then I went to his office and he’s a really fun doctor!”

Nichole Agarwal photo

Nichole Agarwal

“As a skeptic and a veterinarian trained in western medicine, I was very hesitant to try a holistic doctor. My 6 year old daughter had been to 2 Kaiser pediatricians and a pediatric GI specialist for her daily stomach aches, heartburn and occasional vomiting. They diagnosed her with GERD (reflux) and said she could simply take Tums for the rest of her life. She was in the nurse’s office EVERY DAY with a stomach ache and was beginning to miss a lot of school when we resolved to see Dr. de Mello. The first day we met Dr. de Mello and experienced his sincere care and personal attention, we left with a feeling of euphoria, simply knowing someone was going to work with us until we found a solution. We followed his instructions and within 10 days, she had her first day without a stomach ache in months. It has now been 1 month of no stomach aches, heartburn or vomiting! I cannot place a value on this! The care and personal attention, along with good medicine that is practiced at the Akasha Center is the best!”


Beth and Frank Whigham

“What a gift the Akasha Family is to us!! From the moment we walked through their door, we were made to feel like part of this incredible family by everyone on staff who we came into contact with. Calm, courteous, considerate, compassionate……their complete Care & Concern only begin to be described by these few “C” words……we can sing their praises throughout the entire alphabet! Whether it’s a simple question, or a matter that involves in-depth testing, connecting the dots, detailed explanation, Dr. de Mello is thorough, he will get to the heart of the matter, identify the problem AND find the answer, the solution. The patient is in the hands of the BEST among the BEST, & with his calm & reassuring manner, his humor, his expertise, & yes, his phenomenal team of colleagues, each & every patient will become part of this Family & be made to feel that your health is their #1 priority, which it is!! As parents & grandparents, & knocking on the door of turning 70, we lead an active life & enjoy every moment of packing as much in as possible……Dr. de Mello helps keep us on this healthy path, as does the entire Akasha staff. He walks his talk, sets the example, & the entire Akasha Family genuinely reaches out in every way possible, to make this journey of life, the happiest & healthiest for each patient. How grateful we are that our paths have crossed with Akasha along this journey……….with love & many thanks! (Jan 2018)”

Small photo of Maggie Nemser

Maggie Nemser

“I love the Akasha Center because everyone on staff is so warm and the practitioners are experts in the entire body. You will not get referred out to 10 specialists—they are a one stop shop. I walk out of Dr. de Mello’s office feeling euphoric because I feel understood and taken care of. The Akasha Center makes the wellness journey a joyous one and I feel so grateful to have found them. It is inspiring to know that this level of care exists.”


Joe Dickey

I have been a patient at Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine for almost three years and continue to be amazed at the level of medical expertise, the breadth of disciplines represented, and most importantly, the deep care that is offered to each patient. I have never even HEARD of a medical practice that operates with such excellence. Dr. DeMello and his entire staff of doctors and practitioners make me feel like an incredibly important person, and my confidence in their every recommendation and procedure is of the utmost. The supplements that have been recommended to me have been very helpful in creating optimal health. I am totally impressed with the high quality of the products. I give Dr. DeMello, Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine, and Akasha Naturals a FIVE STAR rating. If health is important to you, I recommend that you make Akasha your choice for primary care.


Tim Martin, Founder/Designer of iZO Cleanse

“I am a big fan of the pioneering work that the Akasha Center does, bridging the merits of Western Allopathic medicine with the natural organic healing qualities of so-called Eastern medicine. I am specifically indebted to Dr. de Mello who helped me through one the most intense personal health crises of my life. Dr. de Mello’s compassionate presence helped prevent me from slipping into a debilitating state of Self-judgment. Thank you Dr. de Mello and everyone at Akasha!”


The Ace of Cups, Band

“We have been Dr. Edison de Mello’s patients for the past ten years. Our ongoing good health is a direct result of the wonderful care we receive at The Akasha Center. Our band, The Ace of Cups, was the first all-women band in San Francisco in the 60s. We opened for Jimi Hendrix (among many others) and, with gratitude to the Divine Spirit and with the help of the Akasha Center, we are still rocking today! Mary Ellen loves the Akasha Naturals liquid vitamin d and vitamin b complex and has enjoyed increased energy and feelings of well-being since she started taking them daily. We trust the high quality of these supplements and recommend them to friends.

The Ace of Cups gets together in Northern California every month to write and rehearse for our upcoming CD and shows. Recently, one of us had an allergic reaction which produced burns and swelling on her face. Dr. de Mello answered our emergency call for help and guided us with skill, love and compassion through those stressful few days. He is our knight in shining armor! We are now 67, 67 and 70 years old and hope to be sharing music and love for as long as we can. With The Akasha Center as our support, we’re hoping to be rocking through ages.”