Magnifying Change Through the Attentiveness of the Body & Mind

By Kevin Kunkel, MA

We may have familiarized ourselves with ways to cleanse the body (food and supplement detoxs, infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage), and ways to cleanse the mind (meditation, journaling exercises). However, it is fascinating and greatly beneficial to explore and become attentive to how the effect on one (body) can significantly benefit the cleanse of the other (mind).

When we cleanse the mind through certain meditative processes, not only is there a change in mental states, but there is also a corresponding change in physical states: hormonal, nervous system, and soft tissue changes.  When we clear and cleanse the body, there is also a corresponding change in the mind.  For example, when one receives a lymphatic drainage massage, waste and fluids get unstuck and move, as nutrition is spread thru the body.  Shortly after, many may observe corresponding mental changes of feeling unstuck and empowered, and feeling supported and being nurtured.

With most change and growth, the more attentive and aware you become of the internal effects, the bigger impression the change makes and the larger the effects.  Since changes on the mind can correspond to effects on the body, and vice-versa, being attentive to the corresponding effects on one, may significantly increase the effects you are looking for in the other.  For instance, if receiving a lymphatic drainage massage gives you a sense of being unstuck, empowered, supported, and nurtured, then spending time reflecting on those mental/ emotional qualities and letting them intensify may, in turn, encourage the continued physiological effects of increase movement of the lymphatic fluids in the body.

So no matter what your choice of cleansing may be, set aside a few moments to allow attention to the effects on both the body and the mind.  As you take control of and increase your own transformation in this way, putting the locus of control for change within you, you may also find this deepened sense of empowerment in your life.

Kevin Kunker, MA is an integrative medical massage therapist at the Akasha Center. For more information about Kevin’s massage therapy, contact us at or call 310-451-8880.

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