4 easy tricks to make desserts healthier

People thing that you have to give up desserts entirely to be healthy. Wrong.

It is all about moderation AND healthy ingredients. Desserts do not have to be packed full of sugar and butter to be delicious. There are ways to make a cake and eat it too, even when you are being health conscious.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Fitbie.com for sharing these awesome tricks!

1. Get a little nutty. Topping your desserts with the crunchy add-ons immediately adds protein, vitamins, and minerals to your sweet treat, with healthy fats to boot. Of course, make sure you’re noshing on the right one. Almonds, cashews, and pistachios are among some of the lowest-calorie options, boasting roughly 6 grams of protein per servings.

2. Butter isn’t better. There are loads of substitutes you can use in place of butter when it comes to whipping up your sweet treats. “I often use yogurt (full-fat, because it has much less sugar than fat-free) as a butter substitute even with chocolate,” says Helding. Other butter alternatives?

  • Applesauce: Use half the amount of butter suggested, then substitute other half with apple sauce
  • Avocado: Same measurements as the apple sauce
  • Prune puree: Head to the baby food aisle, and feel free to swap entire amount of butter called for in the recipe with the store-bought eats

3. Feel free to get a little fruity. “Fresh fruit is a splendid addition to most baked goods,” says Helding. “Consider cutting back on confectioner’s sugar when making icing and then topping the icing with fresh raspberries or strawberries. I always use organically grown fruit as the depth of flavor is greater than the commercial variety.”

4. Honey, honey, honey. “Honey is a delicious sweetener and better for you than granulated sugar,” says Helding. “Just remember its distinct flavor might overpower other ingredients. If you use it, make certain the honey is what you want to be out front. I like to pair it with peanut butter because both are bold tastes.”

Patricia Helding, author of Fat Witch Bake Sale and founder and owner of Fat Witch Bakery here in New York City.
4 Simple Secrets to Making Healthier Desserts