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Prolotherapy is a form of regenerative injection therapy stimulating the healing, growth, and stability of damaged tissues. It is a safe and effective non-surgical approach for treating joint and spine pain caused by weakened and damaged ligaments and tendons. Learn more about Prolotherapy

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From April 15, 2016 – July 15, 2016

With Insurance:

  • $275/60 minute initial visit
  • $175/30 minute follow up

Without Insurance:

  • $375/60 minute initial visit
  • $275/30 minute follow up



Not sure if Prolotherapy is right for you? Take advantage of a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Bren Boston.

Dr. Bren Boston is board certified in Physiatry and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Her passion and expertise is in using natural non-surgical safer approaches, such as prolotherapy and other injectables, to treat musculoskeletal pain. Also certified as a personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Boston integrates easy-to-perform home exercises in the personalized treatment plan that she designs for each patient.

Dr. Boston utilizes the most natural and scientifically-proven integrative approaches to achieve Optimal Wellness. Her patient base range from those interested in optimal health and wellness, to those struggling with overall chronic pain as in musculoskeletal injuries, back, shoulder, neck and lower extremity pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions, fatigue and low hormones (bio-identical hormones).

Dr. Boston’s specialties include:

  • Prolotherapy (natural injections for musculo-skeletal injuries of shoulder, wrist, finger, hip, knee, ankle, neck, thoracic, lumbosacral, sacroiliac, pubic symphysis – and arthritis)
  • Neural Prolotherapy– injection of proliferative solution just below the skin to promote nerve healing
  • Trigger Point injections to instantaneously decrease muscular spasm
  • Viscosupplementation injections for arthritis to supplement the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid within synovial joints
  • Sarapin injections, derived from the Pitcher plant, for chronic pain
  • Bursa injections for bursitis
  • Tendon sheath injections for tendonitis
  • Postural training and ergonomic assessment
  • Increasing Muscle-Energy and Recovery
  • Kinesiology Taping, with home use instruction
  • Natural supplements as needed for muscle pain or bruising


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