What is Prolotherapy?

This non-surgical procedure relieves chronic pain with an injection that promotes the natural healing of injured tissues and joints. The limited blood supply and poor healing properties of ligaments, cartilage and tendons make treatment necessary after injury.

The number of treatment appointments needed varies from patient to patient. A standard course of prolotherapy is 5-8 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart. If no benefit or change is noticed after 4 visits, we will reevaluate our plan and treatment options. If you feel benefit after 1 visit, it is highly suggested to return for 1-2 more visits to optimize strengthening of tissues for long term benefit.

Your initial consultation

The initial consultation will include a review of your history, symptoms, activities and methods of injury. Your physician will perform a physical exam gathering information on where you hurt and why. Findings and suggested treatment plans will be reviewed.

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