Health Blogs by Akasha Professionals

  • Dr. Myles Spar’s, includes articles on topics relevant to Age Management Medicine from new scientific reports on aging to considerations regarding genetic testing for specific disease risks to new discoveries about nutrition, supplements and technological advances related to minimizing the health effects of aging,
  • Dr. Maggie Ney’s blog,, is committed to providing modern women of all ages with information for enhancing health, enriching lifestyles, and integrating bodies and environment in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Nutritionist and yoga practitioner Beth Sobel’s blog, Sushumna Health, is a nutrition and yoga integrative therapy blog that focuses on nutritional insight, tips for eating right, and ideas to incorporate healthy food into your daily diet.
  • Acupuncturist Monika Kobylecka’s blog is an easy-to-grasp blog that focuses on bringing up-to-date health and wellness information from a Japanese style acupuncture and Integrative Medicine prospective.