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Practitioner Highlight: Anna Price

My name is Anna and I am on a mission to inspire millions to move. I believe I was destined to do my life’s work. I was named after my grandmother who endured a 35+ year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. “Yiayia” (Grandmother in Greek) lost the use of her legs and eventually her arms, so I have dedicated the last 21 years in the fitness and life-coaching fields to improve the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of all those around me. My grandmother taught me to understand and welcome the challenges of life and to grow through them. Her illness shaped me and the lives around her, for the better. So, today – and everyday – I choose to take extra steps to make up for the lack of hers.

My integrated approach has a powerful impact that lets my clients enjoy their body and life they’ve always wanted, with exercise that builds a strong, lean, body without breaking it down (progress instead of injuries and setbacks). Through sessions that are full of variety, clients look forward to our sessions and experience benefits such as permanent weight loss- without starving themselves, or beating themselves up- more confidence, energy, charisma, and the type of contentment and calm that prepares them to handle life’s challenges. Clients even report sharper mental clarity and focus at work, and experience peak performance. By using techniques that release the hidden inner barriers that have held them back, old body and health patterns they had tried to break for years, clients learn to love their body for the first time.

Training, Credentials & Affiliations:

Sports Conditioning/High Intensity Interval Training, Muscular Realignment and Corrective Exercise, Certified Pilates Instructor, Cardiac Rehab, Body Shaping, Active Again, Athletic and Peak Performance, Pre-Post Pregnancy, Post rehabilitation, Professionally Trained Life Coach, Advanced Fitness Assessment & Bioeletrical Impedence.


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