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My 5-Step Fitness Coaching Plan For You

By Anna Price

Here is my 5-step plan and commitment to you:

1. One or more private at-home training/coaching session with me every week–we will find days/times that suit your schedule–your fee includes:

  • Establish a health and life vision, goal setting
  • Initial and ongoing posture assessment (postural and corrective exercises will follow to improve function and eliminate aches and pains)
  • Initial and ongoing measurements/tracking (we can’t improve what we don’t measure, we use this information to tweak and fine tune our approach for your unique needs, and continued results).
  • A WIDE variety of fun, highly effective and time efficient high intensity interval training routines (strength, balance, cardio) + Mat Pilates (core, joint stability, tightening/toning)
  • Muscular myofascial release techniques using balls, foam rollers (to relieve tight, imbalanced muscles and stress)
  • Active assisted stretching (to improve mobility and flexibility)
  • Relaxation and meditation (great way to clear your energy and end every session)

2. Time efficient, effective, and convenient fat burning, strength training routines to perform between sessions (at-home or traveling) plus a health and life journal to track your progress and setbacks.

3. Complete low sugar, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging diet recommendations to increase energy without crashing, create mental clarity, improve performance, and drop inches (easy recipes, shopping lists, the “fat burning plate”, food choices, eating out guide etc.)

4. Health and Life coaching as needed

5. Unlimited brief “check in” calls, emails, texts between sessions to support you along your journey

BONUS – Share the cost with a friend (or two).  Coach 2-3 (total) people at once, or, train one person for 30 minutes and a friend/family member for the remainder 30 minutes, at no extra cost.

Call Today to receive these amazing home visit prices:

Home visit package: Westside
$250 / single session (value $425)
$2500 / 10 session package (value $4000)

Home Visit Package: Eastside
$275 / single session (value $475)
$2750 / 10 session package  (value $4550)
* House visit distance restrictions apply