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Anna Price | Akasha Center

Introductory package at Akasha
$425 / 3 session package (value $1225)

Home visit package: Westside
$250 / single session (value $425)
$1500 / 10 session package (value $4000)

Home Visit Package: Eastside
$275 / single session (value $475)
$1750 / 10 session package  (value $4550)
* House visit distance restrictions apply


Anna Price is a certified Fitness and Muscular Realignment Coach. For the past 20 years Anna has dedicated her personal and professional life to the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Overall fitness, whole food nutrition, environmental, and emotional health has been–and still is–the center of her life.

Anna’s area of training and expertise are:

  • Advanced Fitness Assessment & Bioelectrical Impedance
  • Sports Conditioning/High Intensity Interval Training
  • Muscular Realignment and Corrective Exercise
  • Yoga inspired postures, Pilates, Body Shaping
  • Active Aging, Athletes, Pre-Post Pregnancy, Post rehabilitation, Cardiac and other Diseases Rehab
  • Professionally Trained Life Coach