Are You Powering Down?

By Kevin Kunkel, MA, MFTI

“Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?” is the all-too familiar question all IT technicians ask  when we inquire for a cure to our electronic issues.  The question is no different for our physical and mental health issues – Are you allowing your body and mind to turn off, completely?  Without an obvious “Power Off” button, most of us no longer know or feel what that  means anymore.  Too often, the off we think is off, isn’t enough to reset our systems.  What we need is to take the entire battery out and wait 30 seconds for a complete reboot of the system.

It didn’t use to be this way: Our overstimulated and always-on-line life style makes it nearly impossible to unwind at the end of the day.  Over time our bodies forget how to completely relax and the cumulative effects of stress in our body can’t be undone from just a night or weekend of vegging out.  We need a dedicated practice of relaxation practices to help guide our body and mind back to health.

One of the more effective ways to be guided into this deep reboot of our system is through massage.  Massage has the ability to directly and powerfully interrupt the stress patterns of the nervous system through hands-on manipulation.  A massage session can offer focused attention on appropriate amount and quality of stimulation and relaxation to the nervous system so that it can effectively interrupt patterns and cleanse the body and mind of stresses effects.  Judiciously inviting mindfulness and breath into the session both increases the body’s ability to re-learn how to relax and its ability to integrate a sense of calm content throughout one’s daily life.

Although one session can have clinically significant results and offer a deep reboot, it truly is a learning process that we team up together to achieve over consistent visits.  For this reason, we offer anyone who schedules a massage through Oct 15th, the ability to lock in a 40% discount through the end of the year. In partnership, may this upcoming fall bring you the transformation you wish!