Regenerative Medicine / Pain Clinic Testimonial by Sylvie Rokab

How Regenerative Medicine + Reiki healing + and TLC has helped patients at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine /Pain Clinic

Sylvie return to her daily life activities and prevent unnecessary surgery in only 10 days of treatment!

Sylvie had experienced a painful and debilitating case of herniated lumbar disc that left her crying in pain and unable to sit or bend her hip.

The spine doctor I referred her for a second opinion told her she may likely need surgery. Upon examination of her whole body, I saw that she mot only had a herniated disc, but had tight and spasmed muscles starting from her buttock down her to her knee known as the “IT band”. I explained to her that these tight muscles were pulling on her spine.

Gina Galvez treatment plan included multiple sessions of:
• trigger point injections using regenerative medicine
• medication and supplements to reduce her inflammation and relax the muscles
• IV vitamin therapy
• Reiki healing
• deep fascial manipulation and massage from our physical therapist

Sylvie recovered in only 10 days!

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