Master the Tools to Restore Work/Life Balance, Reduce Stress, & Increase Performance, in our Professionally Led Weekly Coaching Group for Men Like You

“Changed my life. I was able to identify balance for the first time and then tools to seek it.”
– J. C., 2014 Participant

Dates & Times

Start Date: TBD

Time: 7pm to 9pm Pacific

Duration: 8 weekly meetings

Location: The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA


IMPORTANT: There are only 8 total spots available, and the program starts Tuesday, April 7th. Be sure to enroll on or before Monday the 6th!


As men, we are traditionally taught – and expected to ignore our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Especially in high stress careers, the need to be “always ON” creates an underlying sense of tension & anxiety. It’s a subtle form of stress that slowly erodes away at our ability to perform at our best, communicate effectively, & maintain optimal health.

This stress, when left unchecked (as men are 70% more likely to do than women) – affects our bodies, relationships, & mental health in TOXIC ways.


Power Tools for Men is a highly personalized, small group coaching program that will provide you with a deep understanding of what it takes to be more resilient to stress. Plus, you’ll receive hands-on experience with the best tools to get there.

Each week, we will introduce powerful tools to achieve specific results. Together, we’ll practice pro-active steps to move you from habitually reacting to stress to consciously responding to stress.

Receive A Complete Toolbox of Proven Techniques & Practices to Bring Your Best Self to Any Situation

Power Tools for Men inspirational image

By the end of this program, you will walk away with the following:

  • Master the techniques used by special forces, first responders, and top athletes to STOP rising stress levels in its tracks
  • Attain a deep state of relaxation at the end of the day
  • Become calm yet alert and focused in minutes
  • Develop the capacity to transition from a working professional to father, partner, and playmate
  • A deep understanding of how to control your mind and body
  • Enhanced awareness of your unique stress triggers, their consequences, and powerful ways to counteract them

Meet Your Power Tools for Men Coaches:

Kevin Kunkel, MA, MFTI

Kevin Kunkel Photo

Hi, I’m Kevin Kunkel. I bring you the experience from my professional practice as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and now a somatic psychotherapist.

I have seen the direct effects of the properly individualized practice bringing hope, confidence, and well-being back into people’s lives as they take back control over their reaction to stress.

Unfortunately, I too often see men largely under-represented in my classes and sessions, when men equally need these tools.

David Laramie, PhD

Photo of Dr. David Laramie

I’m Dr. David Laramie, as a health psychologist, I’ve seen far too many men in my life – especially role models and influencers who were wonderfully devoted to work and family.

However, they had clearly lost sight or never had sight of the importance of their own wellbeing and the necessity of self care.

This ended up reducing their vitality and joy, availability/presence for others, and ultimately shortened their lives.

Value Added Bonuses

$100 of Akasha Naturals Supplements

Example photo of Akasha Natural supplements for men

You’ll receive a 25 minute Strategy Session with our nutritionist, Stacey Whittle to select a supplement bundle personalized to your individual needs.

This is a tremendous value add, and will boost the results you experience in this program.

NOTE: These are the same medical-grade neutraceuticals that we use with patients in our clinic – where real results matter.

Special Guest Speakers:

Dr. Edison de Mello

Dr. Edison de Mello Photo

Dates & Times

Start Date: TBD

Time: 7pm to 9pm Pacific

Duration: 8 weekly meetings

Location: The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA


Investment: $695

IMPORTANT: There are only 8 total spots available, and the program starts Tuesday, April 7th. Be sure to enroll on or before Monday the 6th!

About the Venue: The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

The Akasha Center interior Photo

Roy Sekoff Photo

Roy Sekoff, editor of the Huffington Post says:

“The Akasha Center is an oasis of compassion, insight, calm, and tailor-made healing.

You feel better just walking in the door and even better on the way out.”

What Clients & Patients Say About the Akasha Center

Peter Horton Photo

“I’m not fond of the antiseptic and anti-personal feeling that one generally gets when walking into a doctor’s office. I get the very opposite when I walk into the Akasha Center. I feel a genuine interest and concern for my well-being. With both the Akasha Center and Akasha Naturals, I’m happy I will never have to experience anything but strong and unwavering dedication to my care.”

– Peter Horton, Writer/Director “Grey’s Anatomy”

Jason Mraz Photo

“I visit the Akasha Center and see Dr. de Mello for regular check-ups and preventative health. In addition to body wellness, The Akasha Center also cares for the health of my mind (my thoughts) and my spirit (my attitude about and in the life experience.) My work is in the public eye, therefore being supported by the Akasha Center gives me confidence whether I am performing onstage in front of large audiences, or one-on-one as I did last year in villages in Ghana.”

– Jason Mraz, Singer/Songwriter


“I’ve had the great privilege of working closely with Dr. de Mello and his team at Akasha, while designing the best preventative integral health care protocol for me, and there is only one word to describe Akasha — it’s a true SANCTUARY. A place where you always feel safe and confident that everyone you come in contact with is coming from a place of compassion, integrity and a deep desire to be of service.”

– Arturo Muyshondt, Actor/Producer

Lee Daniels Photo

“I’ve been going to the Akasha Center for four months and together we’ve been working to create a better, healthier lifestyle that works for my hectic schedule. By sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan, as well as natural remedies and herbal supplements, I’ve lost over 40 pounds. Through hard work and commitment to making this life change, I now have more energy and feel better than ever.”

– Lee Daniels, Producer, Writer, Director: Empire TV series