Dangerous Traces of Prescribed Medication in our Water System. True or yet Another Rumor?

by Dr. Edison De Mello

October 2008 Issue of Akasha Center Newsletter

In the past few months I have been asked this question by many of my patients
some of whom are deeply concerned. Is it true? Are there dangerous levels of
prescription meds in or water and food supply? While it is true that the amount
of dumping of prescription medication in our water supply has significantly
increased in the last two decades the questions of whether or not the amount
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Depression and Anxiety: An akasha approach towards wellness

By Melanie Gisler, DO

While many things contribute to depression and anxiety, often people suffering from these illnesses have an imbalance of brain chemistry. Standard western medical treatment usually includes medications which boost one of these chemicals, serotonin. Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro and Zoloft are all examples of medications that boost Serotonin. However, the brain is not the only place this important neurotransmitter is produced. We now know that more serotonin is produced in our intestines than in our brains. Yes, there ...

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Glia: The Cinderella of Brain Cells

By David Dubin, M.D.

After Einstein’s death, his brain was preserved for future study. Scientists were naturally curious to see how the brain of this genius compared with the brain of a person of ordinary intelligence. Would there be an abundance of neurons (grey matter) or some unusual wiring of the neurons that distinguished his brain? When the brain was dissected, however, the only difference was that the numbers of cells that were not neurons (white matter) was dramatically increased. It ...

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