Akasha Reset Program: Invest in your Wellness this Winter

Akasha Reset Program: Invest in your Wellness this Winter


by Amanda Miller MS, RN

Take a long, deep breath, winter is here. Everywhere around us, nature is retreating and embracing a darker season of rest and hibernation. There is a particular stillness of winter, and with it comes a subtle invitation to reflect, hold space, and withdraw from the fast paced mobility of summer and fall to redirect inward. Conversely, the slowed pace of winter can leave us feeling weighed down, stagnant, or uninspired. Every season brings us the potential to either strengthen or hinder our sense of well-being.

This is why a seasonal routine can be so important and helpful. By adapting your diet and lifestyle to reset for a new season, you can gently bring your body back into equilibrium from months of toxic burden. For centuries, ancient civilizations have combated seasonal change with persistent fasts, cleanses, and liver detoxes. At Akasha, we’ve embraced inspiration from modern medicine, ancient chinese medicine, and ayurveda to reinvent the Akasha 21 Day Reset Program, a new form of The Akasha Cleanse.

Our bodies are bombarded with toxic substances from the food we eat, environmental chemicals, personal care products, and the air we breathe on a daily basis. The detoxification systems in our bodies work 24 hours a day to protect us from this burden, yet they were simply not designed for such persistent assault. Our digestive and immune systems can begin to get run down, inflammation rises, and accumulation becomes inevitable – placing us at risk for chronic disease.

The 21 day Akasha Reset Program addresses all facets of what causes inflammation in the body. Providing guidance, the program first incorporates the removal of inflammatory foods and minimizes environmental toxin exposure. It then brings in healing anti-inflammatory foods. herbs. and spices to begin to heal. Additionally bringing in a healing supplement protocol, stress management and sleep hygiene practices, the reset program entails an all encompassing holistic regimen for 21 days of balancing and resetting the body.

Adopting a seasonal reset is an invaluable gift you can give yourself this winter – a long term investment in your own wellness. You may find that doing so will allow you to relish in a healthier, lighter, happier you this season.

Look for the new Akasha Reset Program, to be released in the next few weeks!

Amanda Miller, MS, RN is an Integrative Nutritionist at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. You can schedule an appointment with her by calling 310-451-8880 or emailing us at info@akashacenter.com



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