23 And Me DNA Analysis: A Great Tool to Optimize Your Health

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23 And Me DNA Analysis: A Great Tool to Optimize Your Health


By. Jean-Marc Sobczyk, MD, ND

How does your DNA become a report? 

Human DNA is about 99.5% identical from person to person. However, there are small differences that make each person unique. These differences are called variants or “mutations” or SNiP (single nucleotide polymorphism)

Your DNA was passed down from your parents—and their parents and so on. Variants can be linked to certain health conditions, traits and ancestry groups.

Your saliva contains DNA from cells in your mouth. The 23&me kit is a saliva collection kit and clear instructions for providing a sample. It can be ordered online and is also available at Target, Best Buy, CVS and Walgreens

23&me certified lab extracts DNA from cells in your saliva sample. Then the lab processes the DNA on a genotyping chip that reads hundreds of thousands of variants in your genome.

Your genetic data is analyzed, and a personalized report is generated based on well-established scientific and medical research.

At Akasha we use the raw data provided by 23&Meto offer personalized recommendations to help you be healthy, stay healthy and optimize your health. During 30 minutes to 1 hour appointment we review the results and help you understand what affect your genes and more importantly elaborate a plan of action for you.

What affects your genes?

When it comes to your health and traits, DNA is only part of the story. Other variables come into play, including non-genetic factors, such as your environment and lifestyle.

Your nutrition choices, the food you consume, your daily exposure to toxins and chemicals in your home and in your environment can turn on or off your genes. This is what we call Epigenetics. “Epi” in Greek means “above”. This is what control the genes expression and may make you more prone to diseases. There are new research articles published every day linking epigenetics to various diseases including auto-immune diseases, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and cancer to name a few.

Who can benefit from Genetic testing?

People interested in knowing more about their genes and how their body functions so they can make right choices to optimize their health People struggling with chronic conditions and not seeing the results expected from current therapies

Women struggling with fertility issues, SIBO, Hypertension, Anxiety and depression, Imbalanced hormones , thyroid issues, leaky gut, chronic fatigue , Cardiovascular diseases. Pregnancy planning, athletes,

So I have done my 23&me where should I start?

Always with the fundamentals, any sport coach will tell you if you want to improve, start with the fundamentals. What are the fundamentals of health? They are Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Stress management.

At Akasha we can guide you at any step of the process, support you and make this test valuable for you.

Are you going to recommend supplements?

Your doctor is focused on understanding the diseases processes and in some cases he will recommend supplements that he feels are absolutely necessary. At Akasha we do not provide a supplements list based on your genetic results but we want you to make the right choice for your health and if we feel that you will benefit from a supplement then we will recommend it.

Are we recommending any other tests to complement 23&me DNA test?

Yes, we do recommend also an Organic Acid Test, especially if you are struggling with mood issues, focus attention and also if you have digestive issue.

Yes if you are interested in anti-aging and health optimization we may recommend Telomeres testing.

If you are not entirely sure if a genetic test is indicated for you, you can book a free 10 minutes consultation with me, Akasha Center’s Genetic testing specialist, Jean-Marc Sobczyk, MD, ND. Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk is also referenced on Dr. Ben Lynch’s website

Dr. Sobczyk is a physician at Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. You can make an appointment with him by calling 310-451-8880 or emailing us at info@akashacenter.com




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